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With over 40 years of national touring and performing between them, for audiences of all types and backgrounds the have determined that no matter what, they have one thing in common. They all want to have a great time!! Quite a broad spectrum for two comedians to cover, right? Well, not really. Let’s have a look at the two shows...

Is a hilarious look at the things that men and women do that get on each others nerves. This is not just a battle between the sexes but a look at how each group thinks, and why they think it.   As the show builds Marvin Lee lets the women know EXACTLY what they do that drive men crazy all to the cheers of the men in the audience. As the show reaches a fevered pitch Marvin flips it on the men and gives them the "What for" to the screams and laughter of the women in the audience.

Set up in a Ted Talk format this stand-up comedy stage show is a high energy laugh ride that will take you through the world of between the sexes as only Marvin Lee can do it! 

 Whether you're single or married, if you have ever been in a relationship for more than .... let's say ten minutes, you will definately find a lot to laugh about in this show.  In the end no matter which side you're on you'll see that no one is perfect and we should appeciate what the opposite sex brings to our lives. You will walk away from the show a little smarter and a lot happier because you now know The Other Side's Playbook.

Getting older is like being in the stands at a football game, you see the whole field, you can see the mistake before the player makes it. And no matter how loud you yell to them...they can’t hear you. So you just sit back and watch it unfold, as you laugh to yourself. One Man’s Stand is like sitting in the stands with a bunch of friends as you all laugh out loud at the idiots (our society) on the field! 

Using a mix of comedy,theater and interactivity to help us look at the world around us, this show was created and written by the idiots on the field! His social commentary chronicles his observations of our social norms and how they make us what we are. One Man’s Stand will lead you to confirm some beliefs as well as challenge the status quo,in a way that will leave you laughing as well as thinking long after the show is over. 

     Using his unapologetically opinionated style of comedy mixed with a heavy dose of old school common sense is what makes this comedy show really hit home, which really comes out in the Q&A portion making each show decidedly unique and FUNNY AS HELL! This,is ONE MAN’S STAND!